Let's start off with the interesting stuff.

Thread through, daughter of dust, past shifted door,
glass blade of ancient's frame parting hung space
like whetston'd ice cutting gold dappled oil,
land with split skin, gather light, move in grace.
Rusted artillery stationed at the
breach; machines jamming as much as firing.
Lift sparkling blade, untangled in blossom
twisted lace, and rush with watered bearing.
Ears open to the caustic song scattered
from metal struck metal, caught in the glow
of shaved fire spilling out as falling stars.
Pierce the veil, torn apart from bride to widow.
Her feet fell still, rocking from ball to heel,
a dance interrupted by searching spins.
Once more into the Gossamer Palace,
the one bled in the periphery of hymns.
Lighted panels threw gestures at the walls,
she stood a sundial for a dying sun
All light soon settled in a midday rut,
Sterile distorted time was overrun.

This is an incomplete poem that will probably make its way into PiTTP Volume 2, (is it a faux pas to apply an acronym to your own work?). Anyway, it's about half finished and, of course, everything is subject to change. You may have found another poem for the collection hidden elsewhere on the site, which, as far as I can tell right now, is complete, but I still must caution you, dear reader, not to expect the full zine anytime soon, as it's not really my priority. Right now those priorities are, one, get a better job, two, work on screenwriting and complete some more scritps, three, waste time on some dumb bullshit like drawing, and, four, finish PiTTP 2. (It's sticking now, though if I ever get myself to make a significant number of these I'm gonna use my executive power to contract it to PiTT because that's way more fun to say.) Hopefully I will get in out before the end of the year, though, in one final tempering of any expectation, I think it will be all poetry, no prose, and thus will end up significantly shorter than volume 1.

Now onto the reason I made this post in the first place; It seems we've pushed past 10,000 all-time page views! I honestly have no idea what that really means but even in the most conservative reductions, cutting the total by a factor of 100, that still means 100 people I've never met before have clicked around the site, and that's all I could really hope for. So, however you found this page, even if it was just a frustrated click becuase this site is so poorly constructed I have to update the html of every page to add a new link to the navigation bar and each edit completely fills the neocities global feed, (if you know how to disable this let me know because I can only imagine how annoying that is), I hope you enjoyed your time here and I hope you check back in and enjoy everything to come. Thank you once again and I'll catch you next time.



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