I intended to write this many weeks ago, evidenced by the entire album cycle that has spun through since the release of the Florence video, but I got caught up with other things. Look at the subject of this article for a hint of what to look forward to. I can't yet write that without a self-deprecating qualification so; 'look forward' in the value neutral sense of anticipation for the sound of the cockrel in the morning. Anyway this sort of began to balloon, I watched a lot more videos, in the interim but I decided to bring the post back to its orginal purpose, which was to make a list of camera moves and techniques to potentially borrow in my own work, collected from the vague memories of the time I began writing this post.

The first video is for King by Florence and the Machine. Directed by Autumn de Wilde who has quite a good version of Emma you should check out. It's a great song and great video, but I want to specifically note a shot at 1:56 as the dancers crawl up the stairs. The camera tilts in jittered movements, matching the the beat of the music. It really supports the dancers and produces this really interesting gear-like movement. I'm unsure how it would play without the context of a backing rhythm but I suppose that is to be found out.

One upside of the time it took to write this is that i can say the album is great! I'm quite fond of the acoustic version of 'Free.'

Next up is PT Anderson's video for Haim's Lost Track. The first thing to I want to draw attention to is the Spike Lee style dolly at 1:13. The effect is ultimately quite different so its not a just simple substitution, but the fact Danielle is walking backwards with the camera makes a really organic and simple version of the shot. Her movement and her relation to the wall produces something really beautiful.

The final dolly in at 2:03 isn't a relevatory shot but more a note aimed entirely at me. I used to think the best way to convey 'looking,' and this is a very specific un self-concious form of seeing that will only get more confusing the more I try to explain, was best conveyed through a slow zoom; like something from The Conversation but this shot blows that conception completely out of the water. I'll have to do a lot more work to figure out which works where and why but if I ever figure it out I'll write my findings in more detail.

I'll leave it there just so I can claim this finished, clear it from my thoughts, and start working on something a bit more coherent. I'm sure there'll be another installment if there is anything else I think would be good to make myself remember in the future.

I'll leave you with Let's Eat Grandma's It's Not Just Me. I am always and forever thinking about the video, the song, and SOPHIE's gorgeous production.


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