You are driving through quiet roads on a winter night. The weather has been erratic this year but you're not worried of it turning while you're out. Your drive has been long and you intend, though intention as that of a dog's to chase an unreleased ball, to make it longer; longer, at least, than usual. You don't want to go home just yet.


>The radio is off.

>The radio is tuned to the static between stations.

>The shipping forecast is playing.

>A news report is playing.

>An old episode of In Our Time is running.

>The patter of rain fills the space between the rhythmic hits of the flooded drums that are the windshield wipers.

>UKG and 2-step mix is playing.

>A choir sings a hymnal.

>A solo pianist plays.

>A string quartet plays.

>A mix of top 40 hits at double bpm with a four to the floor kick layered on top is playing.