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I used to do this thing where I would open to a random page of a dictionary and write down all the words I didn't know. Losing them in random pages of notebooks I would rarely return to wasn't all that helpful for retention but having them in searchable, digital, form will, I hope, be much better. That is all that this is. It is a cool exercise though so I recommend trying it out! You might even be able to find something here you didn't know.

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English Dictionary ~ 2022


All definitions taken from the eighth edition (1990) Concise Oxford Dictionary

1 a warehouse for temporary storage of goods in transit. 2 a commercial centre for import and export, and for collection and distribution.

a low storey between the first and ground floor; a mezzanine floor.

infiltration into a political organisation to change or subvert its policies or objectives

an intercom device at the entrance to a building by which callers may identify themselves to gain admission.


1 specify (items); mention one by one. 2 count; establish the number of.

take effect. variation of inure.

involutary urination.

1 put poison on or into; make poisonous 2 infuse venom or bitterness or bitterness into (feelings, words, or actions).

encircle, or surround (especially hostilely or protectivly).

a surrounding district, especially round an urban area.

1 a short stanza concluding a ballade etc. 2 archaic, an author's concluding words.

regularly affecting animals in a particular district or at a particular season

of or relating to the second epoch of the Tertiary period with evidence of an abundance of mammals including horses, bats, and whales.


a very long or indefinite period.

a red fluorescent dyestuff usd especially as a stain in optical microscopy.

a white blood cell readily stained be eosin.

the number of days by which the solar year exceeds the lunar year.

the chief bishop of an eparchy.

a province of the Orthodox Church.

an ornamental shoulder-piece on a coat, dress, etc. especially on a uniform.

a sharp-pointed duelling-sword, used (with the end blunted) in fencing.

the regional uplift of extensive areas of the earth's crust.

the insertion of a letter or sound withing a word, e.g. b in thimble.

an ornament (especially in branched form) for the centre of a dinner-table, holding flowers or fruit.

1 the addition of words to clarify meaning (e.g. to do in difficult to do). 2 the words added.

a young man of 18-20 undergoing military training.

any evergreen shrub of the genus Ephedra, with trailing stems and scalelike leaves.

an alkaloid drug found in some ephedras, causing constriction of the blood vessels and widening of the bronchial passages, used to relieve asthma, etc.

a an insect living only a day or a few days. b any insect of the order Ephemeroptera, e.g. the mayfly.

an astornomical alamanac or table of the predicted positinos of celestial bodies.

a collector of ephemera.

a jewish priestly vestment.

any of the five senior magistrates in ancient Sparta.

a funeral ode.

1 denoting either sex without conge of gender. 2 of, for, or used by both sexes. 3 having characteristics of both sexes. 4 having no characteristics of either sex.

(of the sea) over the continental shelf

a person with refined tastes, especially in food and drink.

a Muslim student of sacred law and theology.

a Muslim student of sacred law and theology.

the wood of pine, spruce, or other confiers, easily sawn..

(in the UK) Society of Graphical and Allied Trades.

1 (in tonic sol-fa) the fifth not of a major scale. 2 the note G in the fixed-doh system.

self-styled or pretended.

carefully finished or arranged; well-groomed.

-n. a temporary stay. -v. stay temporarily. * sojourner -n.

a pithy-stemmed Indian swamp plant, Aeschyonmene indica. * sola topi an Indian sun-helmet made from its pith.

a gamnet. (a bird of the genus Sula that catches fish by plunge-diving)

of or relating to the plant family Solanaceae, including potatoes nightshade, and tobacco.

2 an upper chamer in a medieval house.

a room equipped with sun-lamps or fitted with extensive areas of glass for exposure to the sun.

undergo or cause to undergo change in the relative darkness of parts of an image by long exposure.

a thing given as compensation or consolation.

any dwarf Alpine plant of the genus Soldanella, having bell-shaped flowers with fringed petals.

1 a mistake of grammar or idiom; a blunder in the manner of speaking or writing. 2 a piece of bad manners or incorrect behaviour.

1 the state of being solemn; a solemn character or feeling; solemn behaviour. 2 a right or celebration; a piece of ceremony.

1 duly perform (a ceremony esp. of marriage). 2 celebrate (a festival etc.)

any razor-shell of the genus Solen.

a volcanic vent emitting oly sulphorous and other vapours. [name of a volcano near Naples.]

1 (often followed by of, about, etc.) showing interest or concern. 2 followed by to + infinitive) eager, anxious.

1 the state of being solicitous; solicitous behaviour. 2 anxiety or concern.