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I used to do this thing where I would open to a random page of a dictionary and write down all the words I didn't know. Losing them in random pages of notebooks I would rarely return to wasn't all that helpful for retention but having them in searchable, digital, form will, I hope, be much better. That is all that this is. It is a cool exercise though so I recommend trying it out! You might even be able to find something here you didn't know.

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English Dictionary


All definitions taken from the eighth edition (1990) Concise Oxford Dictionary

1 very careful in matters of choice or taste; fussy. 2 easily disgusted; squemish.

the part of a church near the altar, reserved for the clergy, the choir etc., usually enclosed by a screen or separated from the nave by steps.

1 a Saharan simoom (dry, dusty wind) reaching the northern shores of the Mediterranean. 2 a warm sultry rainy wind in southern Europe.

-noun 1 a tomb especially cut in rock or built of stone or brick, a burial vault or cave. -verb 1 lay in a sepulchre. 2 serve as a sepulchre for.

1 a violent pang, especially of childbirth or death. 2 anguish.

1 a shield or emblem bearing a coat of arms. 2 the middle part of a ship's stern where the name is placed. 3the protective plate around a keyhole or door-handle.

1 the stoat, especially when in its white fur. 2 it's white fur, used as a trimmingfor the robes of judges, peers, etc. 3 Heraldry a white fur marked with white fur.

-noun 1 a tall deeply-cleft head-dress worn by bishops and abbots especially as a symbol of office. 2 the joint of two pieces of wood or other material at an angle of 90°, such that the line of junction bisects this angle, 3 a diagonal join of two pieces of fabric that meet at a corner made by folding. -verb 1 bestow the mitre on. 2 join with a mitre.

1 any plant of the genus Aspidistra, of the lily family. 2 poetic; an immortal flower growing in Elysium.

a precious stone, a yellowish-green or brownish variet of olivin.

-noun a person who practices severe self-discipline and abstains from all forms of pleasure, especially foo religious or spiritual reasons. -adjective relating to or characteristic of ascetics or asceticism; abstaining from pleasure.

1 like prose, lacking poetic beauty. 2 unromantic; dull; commonplace.

an angelic being, one of the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy gifted especially with love and associated with light, ardour, and purity.

get round or do away with (a need, inconvenience, etc.).

1 any plant of the genus Gentiana or Gentianella, found especially in mountainous regions, and having usually vivid blue flowers. . 2 (in full gentian bitter) a liquor extracted from the root of the gentian. gentian biolet a violet dye used as an antiseptic, especially in the treatment of burns.

1 a type of soft leather slipper or shoe with a combined sole and heel, as orignally worn by North American Indians. 2 (in full water moccasin) US a poisonous American snake of the genus Agkistrodon piscivorus.

1 a small translucent cover for protecting or forcing outdoor plants. 2 a women's close-fitting bell-shaped hat.

a song of praise or triumph.