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Once More Unto The Beat

Album art I created for Jason Battersby. search for a more ethical music source at your own discretion. There's some great tunes on this! Jason added cool a little VHS filter to the final art but I don't have that file so you'll have to settle for the original file.

once more unto the beat album art

I do remember I was thinking a lot about Yoshitaka Amano's Final Fantasy art while creating this, with a nod to the insanity of Nomura's costume design of course, but I think that's where it faulters. I'm am not very good a creating coherent colour schemes. You can even spot a nod to Gustav Klimt in some of the pattern design. I realise the futility of throiwing out these names in relation to my own work, but if it inspires anybody to check out these artists it's a pretty good result.

I have a little more in-progress material to show.

early costume tests

Some rough costume tests.

An early character design

Digital character design test. early beast concepts

It's almost incomprehensible but this is concept art for the beast.

watercolour scan

watercolour scan.

Finally, Here's an alternative design concept where I attempted to make the image look like an anime still, complete with additional translator's note. anime-style still cover version