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Waters of Infinite Reflection


Poems in the Third Person Vol. 1 / mobile

Cover Art

Leather Jacket Vintage Style

Jason Battersby, 2019

Once More Unto The Beat
Light the Sky
Pale Imitation
The Café
The Kon-Tiki Project


TKTP Album Launch
The Kon-Tiki Project at Home


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Let it Back

Leather Jacket Vintage Style

Album art I created for Jason Battersby. That's a spotify link but I'm sure you can find a path to a more ethical music source at your own discretion.

Leather Jacket vintage Style album art

I think I would change some things regarding the colour now but you know the past is the past. I don't really have much work in progress material but I think the pictures speak for themselves so I'll refrain from writing too much. To make up for it I've included some costume tests for something that was going to be but then wasn't, just because they were in the same folder. The souls of them still live on somewhere in the website though so have fun finding them!

Early thumbnails

It's quite easy to spot which one became the real thing.

Line art Eurydice Orpheus